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admin 8.08.18

Incidences of foodborne illnesses, commonly called food poisoning, have been increasing across the world. A lot of food still contains harmful mycotoxins that can lead to diverse human or animal diseases. We at BIOsens want to change this. That’s why we have developed a solution based on biosensors to allow rapid diagnostics of food safety. We are providing a quick, cheap and simple solution to check the safety of products. Our goal is to give people the confidence that they produce safe food for themselves and their children.

Looking for new opportunities

There is something that we have learnt in the past few months: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We’re convinced that collaboration, networking and partnerships are the key to success – especially as a startup. That’s why in a very short time we have participated in programs and conferences all over the world to establish new connections. We traveled to New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Milan, Krakow, Nürnberg. And some weeks ago we arrived to Zurich – as part of Kickstart Accelerator. The eleven week program has offered us the opportunity to make important new contacts and to develop our business in Switzerland.

“Start with why”

Taking part in Kickstart Accelerator is an exceptional experience for our team. We have the chance to engage in interesting workshops with noticeable impact both on business and product. We learn a lot from the mentors and experts that support us here in Zurich. For example, there was one advice that deeply touched me:  “When you start a business, always start it with the question `Why?`”. That`s what our senior advisor Pascal A. Miserez told us. He quoted the British business consultant and author Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What you do is just a proof of what you believe”. How true!

First impressions about Switzerland

Being part of Kickstart Accelerator does not only mean developing our business in a new market, but also working and living in a completely different environment. Switzerland is definitely different from our home country Ukraine. When I arrived in Zurich, I fell in love with the public transport here. The Swiss system literally turns the public transport in Ukraine into a joke. The trains, buses and trams are so much on time! You can even set meetings at exact times such as “10.07AM at the main station” – you can be sure your bus will take you there on time. In Ukraine, this is a very rare phenomena. I also love the quality of free Wi-Fi everywhere. And the tap water here tastes even better than most of the bottled water you buy in Ukraine. But there is one bitter pill: Zurich is really expensive! Of course, I somehow expected it. But ouch! For example, for 1 kilogram of meat in Zurich I could buy 25 kg of it in Ukraine.

About the Author

Andrii Karpiuk, CEO of BIOsens, founded the company at the beginning of this year. Since then, he and his startup have taken part in different exhibitions and conferences such as Seed&Chips 2017, Grain Technologies 2017, Agro2016, IoT Conf, InnoTech etc. BIOsens is now on the development stage and plans to go to market next year.