How does it work?

Preparation of the device

  1. Set the device upright
  2. Make sure the cartridge is missing
  3. Press the “Prepare” button

Grind your sample

  1. Select the sample
  2. Grind it in grinder

Pour the sample

  1. Remove the plunger
  2. Fill the sample
  3. Insert the plunger back into the cartridge

Insert the cartridge

  1. Insert the cartridge into the device
  2. Close the front cover of the device
  3. Press the Start button


  1. All data are collected in data warehouse
  2. Results & Device control in mobile app
  3. Analytics of data in web service

Where to use?

In field

For agronomic research

Easily conduct a highly accurate mycotoxins test in 25 minutes on the field without specially trained personnel. Make fast decisions regarding the crops treatment based on exact mycotoxins contamination as result of molds infection.

On farms

For control of feed safety

Protect the animals’ health from mycotoxicosis. Test the quality of feeds immediately onsite. Making timely decisions (whether to feed the animals or not) will help to mitigate the risk of animal diseases caused by mycotoxins and its consequences such as low fertility, lactation, treatment and utilization costs etc.

On storage

For express diagnostics

Identify the exact quality of products (grains) at any moment of storage. Know the quantitative estimate of mycotoxins containment in goods to comply different export and internal trade requirements. Make fast decisions on operations with grains based on product quality avoiding underpricing, lost economic opportunities etc.



The unique structure of the device allows reducing the time required for food analysis by two to ten times in comparison to all other existing solutions. BIOsens will do it for you in 25 minutes.


Laboratory tests require highly skilled workers. With our solution you can do it yourself.


The cost of diagnostics is lower compared to other.

About us

Katerina Zvierieva


Katerina Zvierieva has 10+ years of experience in agriculture industry, management and marketing. Katerina has already successfully launched several projects and platforms for agriculture clients and is a Consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Andrii Karpiuk


5 scientific publications on biotech and biosensors; Eastern Europe’s emerging technology stars by Financial Times (New Europe 100), UK, 2017 1st place at Intercontinental Startup Battle, San-Francisco, 2017; EiT Food Entrepreneurship Winter School, Munich & Cambridge, 2017

Denis Galamaga


10+ years of experience in design, engineering and management. He has launched 10+ mass production hardware products. Denis also founded “36.6” Design and Engineering Company which provides hardware product development services for tech startups and enterprises, with portfolio of 40+ startups.

Olexandr Hudz


More than 4 years’ experience in IT development; Successfully created several android apps in different projects. Finished courses on Azure architecture BootCamp in Microsoft. Also responsible for the development of IoT platform from mobile to a web application

Tetiana Yatsenko


More than 6 years of experience in Biochemistry, during which she has already published 7 scientific publications and created 1 patent. She has Ph.D, in Biochemistry and is Member of Ukrainian Biochemical Society and Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

Yuliya Markuts


More than 7 years’ experience as a civil servant and financial analyst, 2 years` experience in the public sector. 2 successful international and Ukrainian projects as a project manager. More than 20 scientific publications in Ukraine and abroad.

Roman Palonko

Chemical Analyst PhD st. Biochemistry

Specialize in analysis of mycotoxins, antibiotics and vitamins using high performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry

Ihor Panas

Engineer PhD st. Biochemistry

Passionate about electronic, mechanical and optical sensors engineering;

4 years’ experience in R&D


Oleg Naumenko

Business Development

A serial entrepreneur with experience in the development, production and sales of hardware products. He was one of the founders of the company Pocketbook – the e-book reader is very popular in the CIS and Europe. Now he is developing a new universal authorization device for the digital and physical world – Hideez Key.

Charles Whitahead

Business Development

Professor Whitehead held senior legal and business positions in the financial services industry in New York and Tokyo, he will support BIOsens with building business
development strategy before mass production stage

Sergey Verbitsky


Since 1998 has developed strategic plans for 170+ successful projects, including 11 successful projects totaling €23+ mln in the past 3 years.

Supported by

This project has received funding from the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement №868589

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