The EBRD launched the Climate Innovation Vouchers Programme as an innovative instrument to allow Ukrainian companies from climate technology developers and those who seek to use them to reduce their impact on the environment or reduce energy costs, to finance their climate innovations.

Climate Innovation Vouchers are grants that help companies to cover 75 per cent of the eligible service costs, up to €50,000 (excl. VAT). Thus companies are expected to provide co-financing of at least 25 per cent of the total service costs from their own sources.

During this agreement, BIOsens used services by RnD company called RnD64. As a result, the team received technical documentation for an engineering prototype, a mobile application, two patent applications to the Ukrainian patent office, additional engineering advisory services.

*The EBRD provides a comprehensive support package for Ukraine to assist its stabilisation and the anchoring of its reforms. We also focus on strengthening energy efficiency and energy security, unlocking its agricultural and industrial potential, providing quality infrastructure and strengthening the financial sector. As administrator of, and contributor to, the Chernobyl Shelter Fund we are helping Ukraine transform the site of the 1986 accident