On the hackathon AgTech a group of people from one university decided to create a startup and worked on the idea of a mobile food safety lab during the event.

Our basic idea is to help people in getting information about the safety of the food products they consume or produce. Now product safety analysis can be carried out in a laboratory, which is time consuming and requires the involvement of qualified personnel. We start developing device for rapid diagnostics of mycotoxins, which will allow farmers, traders, food & feed producers to get information about their raw materials (wheat, maize, peanuts etc.) on-time.

During the hackathon, Andrii met his partner Olexandr and they started learning how to make it happen. Despite the fact that BIOsens took only the 6th place from 30 projects, the team was selected to the IoT Accelerator. Work is only just beginning!

*AgTech Ukraine is an association at the crossroads of IT and agriculture, which merges companies working in the IT sector and agro industry to introduce the latest approaches and technologies in our country.

*IoT Hub is an accelerator for IoT startups. It provides opportunities to refine the prototype, helps with attracting investments for young teams and suggests possible ways to bring the product to market.